The Invisible Journal


It’s spiritual trash. Like a toothbrush that swam into the toilet. It’s dirty that there’s no option but to be thrown away. 

Read it from somewhere today. Makes sense.


I miss being lazy, however …


Eww of the day

People who cut their nails in the office. 
Come on. You got your weekends.
You have non-office hours on weekdays.

Talking to myself 5 years since I started this blog

I started this blog in September 2010 with the objective of having a private space, when I wanted to lodge my happy or sad thoughts but don’t feel like sharing it publicly.

Fiver years later, I conclude that I have partially achieved my objective. Well, it was very seldom that I wrote here. It was not really a private space at all since I have published majority of my posts publicly. Oh my, I quite panicked and was amused at the same time that I had/have a good number of blog visitors.

I have realized that my old posts mainly covered (a) the documentation of some of my weird dreams or nightmares (?); and (b) voicing out of my unhappiness about my bossy boss (BB) at work (by the way, the BB left/had been sort of terminated… long story) . Basically, it became a dumping ground for my unspoken frowning concerns. If I am a random visitor of this blog, I definitely would have had the impression that the blogger is living a very miserable life. However, that is NOT TRUE.

I wonder why I did not write about the billion cheerful things that happened since September 2010. Maybe, I preferred storing them in my heart and verbalizing them with my dear ones. On the other hand, why did I write about those unhappy concerns? Maybe, I wanted to just let it out silently, forget it, and then breathe out before going to bed. And another maybe, I was trying to help the accidental visitors of this blog by letting them realize that ‘hey, you are not alone!’.

The funny thing is that when I looked back at my old entries,  I hardly believed that I wrote some of them and that they actually occurred in my life. I am now laughing at those tiny unhappy chapters of yesteryears I blogged about. On the other hand, I realized that it made so much sense that I have chronicled some of my weird dreams. That the interpretation of those was indeed true.

Overall, I am really pleased that I have created this blog… for me and for all of you out there. I hope I have helped you in any way. Here’s to more years of random babbling.


This is probably the closest explanation why the ‘not so nice things’ sometimes do happen to nice people

God’s word doesn’t say that everything is good. It also doesn’t say that God causes everything. He doesn’t cause war. He doesn’t cause cancer. He doesn’t cause rape, abortion, incest, or molestation. He doesn’t cause evil. We do that. God gives us the freedom to choose. Evil is the price of that freedom.

But the Bible does say that God causes everything to work together for good. He can take the dumb, evil, and bad decisions I’ve made in my life and use them for good if I’ll trust Him. Romans 8:28 isn’t a promise for everyone, though. It’s for “those who love God.” It’s for those who trust God and say, “Here, Lord, you take all the broken pieces of my life and put them together.”

This is why when I read the headlines each day, I don’t worry. Sure, there are a lot of problems in the world today, but God is still in control. God is still moving history to a climax. And God is still moving his people toward his best for them. One day God will work everything out for his purpose.

[Daily Hope with Rick Warren]


Here is one of the ‘just in time’ messages I kept reading recently when I became oh so impatient waiting and hoping for a decision that I badly wanted.

Our lack of trust causes us tremendous stress in life. We were born to trust. God wired us with the capacity and desire to trust in something greater than ourselves because he wanted us to have a relationship with him.

If you don’t trust God, you will create something else to trust. It may be a diploma on the wall, money in the bank, your spouse, your career, or a hobby. This desire to trust in something larger than ourselves is nothing new either. The biblical writers were keenly aware of it in their cultures as well. The Bible says in Psalm 20:7, “Some trust in chariots and some in horses, but we trust in the name of the LORD our God” (NIV).

The Bible has a word for whatever we place our trust in rather than God. The Bible calls it an “idol”. God’s Word says that, for our own good, we need to stay away from idols: “For your own good… Do not sin by making for yourselves an idol in any form” (Deuteronomy 4:15b-16a GNT).

[Daily Hope with Rick Warren]

Series of fortunate more than the unfortunate events 

October was quite eventful.

Several blessings. 

Twists of events.

The more I realized that nothing is impossible.

Believe me, everything may just strike when you least (or don’t) expect it at all.

The One up there indeed knows best.

I’m grateful for everything. 

How to avoid disappointment 

Easy. Lower expectations.

Better yet. Do not expect anything at all.


Indeed, love is sacrifice. 😦


We should be careful in choosing our thoughts just as we are choosing our clothes everyday. – From Eat Pray Love the movie